More Than a Century of Excellence.

Englander History Max Englander of New York founded the Englander Sleep Products company in 1894 with a simple vision: to provide a mattress system for consumers who wanted a more comfortable night's sleep. Over the years Englander's technology has changed and advanced, but the vision has remained the same.

Today, Englander combines old world craftmanship with state-of-theart design to provide the ultimate in sleep comfort. The company offers a range of comfort systems to meet the expanded needs and discriminating tastes of today's consumers. And every Englander mattress delivers on the original promise... Better sleep, by design.

The History of Englander

1894 Englander Sleep Products company is founded by Max Englander.
1904 Englander introduces Box Couch Bed® with Wit-Edge®.
1912 The Red Cross® line is introduced.
1930 Englander earns reputation for handcrafted excellence.
1949 The famous Red-Line® Boxspring is introduced.
1957 The Tenslon Ease sleep system is introduced
1961 Union Carbide acquires the company and builds on past success.
1971 Lady Englander ultra premium sleep system is introduced.
1992 Englander holds the proprietary rights to the heaviest gauge coil unit in the industry - the 368.
1993 Another first for Englander - the 368 unit with the 3-gauge border rod.
1994 Englander celebrates 100th anniversary by passing the l00th million dollar.
1995 The 21st Century® "Never Flip" sleep system is introduced.
1996 Nature's Finest® 100% Natural Latex® sleep system is introduced.
1997 A leading consumer publication chooses Englander® as top buy.
1997 Visco memory foam sleep system and new antimicrobial fibers are introduced.
2002 Englander is purchased by England, Inc., a division of La-Z-Boy®.
2003 Englander introduces patented encased coil Tension Ease® Sleep System.
2005 Englander develops Advanced Body Mapping Technology.
2005 Englander introduces Sleep Synergy™ Advanced Memory Foam Technology.
2005 Oct.20th - Licensees purchase Englander® and form Englander Sleep Products, LLC.
2007 Englander launches new logo and marketing program.
2011 Introduction of Egel — combination of gel and advanced technology memory foam for a great cool sleep.
2013 Introduction of Life Style — Hybrid mattress combining breathable foams with encased coils for a comfortable night's sleep.
2015 Introduction of Posture Support and Designed to provide optimum comfort and support for bodies of every shape and size including the larger sleeper.